a number of practices at local festivals have come under strong scrutiny in recent years


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Bạn đang xem: a number of practices at local festivals have come under strong scrutiny in recent years

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A number of practices at local festivals have come under strong scrutiny in recent years. CLOSEST

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Local people believe that the festival is an opportunity vĩ đại teach younger generations about patriotism and bravery. CLOSEST

A smiling Princess Anne was attired in an aqua-blue hat and matching jacket, with white top. CLOSEST

This is especially important in the age of globalisation, where countries face a daunting challenge vĩ đại preserve their own cultural identities. CLOSEST

The Indigenous experience, lượt thích with any size of belonging, is highly fluid and context-specific, meaning there are countless examples of what such cultural pluralities can look lượt thích. CLOSEST

Steve Kootenay-Jobin, Aboriginal housing coordinator at Mount Royal University, notes that many Indigenous students who move vĩ đại the đô thị for education, encounter culture shock. CLOSEST

Culture has been described as features that are shared and bind people together into a community. CLOSEST

Once you have been accepted as a pupil or student at the school or college, it's against the law for them vĩ đại discriminate against you because of your religion or belief. CLOSEST

Changes in attitudes, family values, generational status can occur in both the majority and minority cultures as the two interact; however, typically one culture dominates. CLOSEST

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Integration and assimilation can help reduce feelings of loss and grief as the migrant starts vĩ đại incorporate aspects of the majority culture. CLOSEST

They fear that with the enactment sự kiện taken off, the festival may fade away in obscurity. OPPOSITE

Launched by the federations and foundations, Group's brands find local expression through the promotion of social solidarity and culture. OPPOSITE

Many ethnic groups find it hard vĩ đại maintain their own languages. OPPOSITE

The 21st century has witnessed the surprisingly increasing formation of multicultural societies where a varying number of ethnic people stay together. OPPOSITE

The custom of worshiping ancestors is a beautiful, rich, and colorful and joyful tradition in Vietnamese culture. OPPOSITE

He said he was only joking, but his comments were so sánh close vĩ đại the bone. OPPOSITE

Hispanics are expected vĩ đại abandon their heritage vĩ đại live in the US. OPPOSITE

For this reason, many immigrants flock vĩ đại this country in tìm kiếm for new beginnings and better lives. OPPOSITE

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Nothing valuable could come of a revival of the German martial spirit, better vĩ đại leave it behind or bury it. OPPOSITE

Kootenay-Jobin says the cultural integration experience can be exacerbated by challenges such as racism and housing. OPPOSITE

Cultural changes in identity can be stressful and result in problems with self-esteem and mental health. OPPOSITE