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The Admission Office a web-based admission platform as well as a consortium thatallows students lớn apply multiple universities or colleges.Explore Colleges



The Admission Office is:

a web-based admission platsize as well as a consortium thatallows students khổng lồ apply multiple universities or colleges.Quý Khách vẫn xem: Admission office là gì

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A world-class consortium

Your institution will be presented to potential students on the same platkhung as other top-tier universities và colleges. Bilingual interface allows access to, not only domestic students, but ones from outside your country.

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Developed on voices from educational institutions

Your institution is able to create forms và flexibly customize to lớn your needs. Application forms can easily be published online with simple steps. CSV export/import feature allows easy data migration.

High security standards

The system has been developed in accordance with ISMS security standards, allowing highly secure transaction environment. We are committed lớn continuously improve sầu the cloud-based solution và its usability.

What is the Admission Office?

World-class universities & colleges has been making transitions from traditional paper-based admissions to “online”, allowing streamlined processes from initial application, document submission & through lớn notification of results.

The Admission Office is a sophisticated admission platform with highly customizable forms, CSV import/export capabilities and multilingual tư vấn. Your institution can easily adapt the system inlớn your admission processes.

We are currently & continuously expanding our consortium and standardizing applications forms across institutions in Asia Pacific region.


Your original customized forms

The Admission Office is equipped with sophisticated size editor which converts và publishes your existing admission-related documents.

Recommendation Letters

Exporting application data

Application data can easily be downloaded in PDF or CSV files, which can then be imported to lớn your application management system.

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Notification of results và messaging

Automated batch notification of application outcomes is possible while each applicant can be separately contacted via built-in messaging function. This allows substantial reduction in administrative & communication work. The system is also capable of issuing applicant-specific admission tickets for easier management of the applications.

Flexible permission settings

Detailed privilege can be defined, both by department và by application, via the system’s permission control capabilities, allowing high level of security as well as preventing any human-caused information breach.

Device responsive

The system interface is fully device responsive sầu, allowing access from any type of devices including smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Developed with voices from clients

We understvà each institution’s process & are highly committed khổng lồ continuous improvement & development.

More applications

Bilingual and borderless platkhung means more synergy and accessibility. More applications are expected both domestically và internationally.

Less overhead cost

Use of the Admission System reduces efforts in handling postage, student inquiries and processing application information.

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Less system investment

Integration with e-Portfolio

When it comes to lớn multifaceted and comprehensive assessment, portfolio plays an important role in illustrating applicants’ learning and personal growth. The Admission Office is fully integratabtle with Feelnote, an SNS-style e-portfolio solution, allowing students khổng lồ submit their portfoltiện ích ios directly lớn institutions they wish to lớn apply, và admission officers khổng lồ evaluate learning processes & ultimately talent potential.

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