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Below you will find a single page with the lathử nghiệm Singapore MRT Map in Singapore. All Singapore Transport và MRT Map are sourced directly from various sources online including the Land Transport Authority of Singapore, SMRT Trains và SBS Transit websites.

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Singapore MRT Map: Overview & Introduction

Singapore MRT stands for Singapore Mass Rapid Transit.

The Singapore MRT Map & Train Network is divided into 6 different coloured MRT Lines:

MRT Lines: North South MRT Line (Red), East West MRT Line (Green), Circle MRT Line (Orange), Thomson-East Coast Line (Brown), North East Line (Purple), Downtown Line (Blue)LRT Lines: Bukit Panjang LRT, Punggol LRT, Sengkang LRT

Singapore MRT Lines are managed by two train operators.

SMRT Trains is a wholly owned subsidiary of SMRT Corporation and is the largest rail operator in Singapore. It was known as the Mass Rapid Transit Corporation (MRTC) và was later renamed to lớn Singapore MRT Limited. It operates Singapore MRT North South Line, East West Line, Circle Line, Thomson East Coast Line and Singapore Bukit Panjang LRT through its subsidiary, SMRT Light Rail.

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Overall, train disruptions are considered relatively rare in Singapore compared khổng lồ other countries.

Thomson-East Coast Line, Downtown Line & Circle Line are newer lines which have opened for operations fairly recently in the last decades. The other older MRT Lines have been operating for many years & commuters might expect more frequent train breakdowns in these lines.

Singapore MRT Map: Number of Stations, Lines và Distances

As of 20đôi mươi, Singapore MRT Map consists of more than 130 MRT stations spanning six MRT lines across Singapore – see above for explanation on MRT operators.

Total distance of Singapore MRT Map is more than 200km system with over three million daily ridership as per Singapore LTA website. On the other hvà, Singapore LRT Map has more than 40 stations across two LRT lines covering more than 28km with over 200 thous& daily ridership. More networks are being built to further expand rail coverage.

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Singapore MRT Map Fun Facts: Colour of Circle Line MRT

The Circle MRT line has always been referred to lớn as the “Yellow Line” on all major communications & bản đồ updates. However lớn many observant eyes, the Circle Line is seemingly orangey.

So many start to questoin whether the Circle MRT Line is Yellow or Orange in Colour?

Fortunately, this question has been answered and confirmed by LTA – see source here. As reported, Colour of Circle Line on Singapore MRT Map is Orange and not Yellow.