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"We do a lot of surfing around here, Lance. I like to finish operations early, fly down lớn Yung Tau for the evening glass. Been riding since you got here?"

“No sir, but I did get one of these Beach Master hats from Papa Nui, it’s the Vung Tau Surf Club Edition”.

“You’ll go places son, now strip down to lớn your trunks & let’s see that cut back!”

Introducing the all new Beach Master. An exclusive limited release that joins forces with the famous East Asia Supply Company, specialists in all things Vietnam. This Advisors Duck Hunter Camo & John Wayne Tiger Stripe is accentuated by a Vung Tau Surf Club Seals Patch which has been hand crafted in Vietnam by my good friend, Nguyen from Yesterday Vietnam and his Saigon Mama-Sans.

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Very happy with the A-3! I have an original deadstock for comparison & it"s up khổng lồ the original. The bill seems stiffer, which I like. Otherwise fabric, kiến thiết all spot on. Enjoyed the artwork labels, pins too. I retired from the UC Berkeley Lab where Oppenheimer và crew were recruited, so the Manhattan pitch was hard khổng lồ resist.

After several weeks on the line my unit was pulled back for some R&R, having lost my issue cap on the landings, after grabbing some hot chow I hit up the supply tent for a replacement và imagine my surprise when the papa hands me this gorgeous cap!!!