Big Eye Show Pattaya


New adult show!

This is a new show for adults with beautiful actors và actresses, big stage, professional lighting and high-­quality musical accompaniment. Actors take part in performances and show various tricks on the stage.

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Drum playing & professional pole khiêu vũ performed by Russian girls will absolutely fascinate all spectators.

The price for Big Eye Show

The price includes: return transfer, admission ticket lớn Big Eye show. The price is relevant if you book for 2 and more people. In case of booking only for 1 person, there is extra charge - 200 baht.

* The show lasts about 60 minutes. It is repeated every hour from 6:00 p.m. Till 10:00 p.m

Attention: This show is not available for thai people. Clip and photography on the show is forbidden, carrying photo and clip equipment is prohibited. Please note that because of the now frequent police inspections the performance may be a little changed.

When is the tour available?

The tour is available every day.

Departure between: 6:30 ­- 10:00 p.m.

Return between: 10:00 ­- 10:30 p.m.

Show starts: 6:00 ­- 10:00 p.m.

Show lasts: 60 minutes.

Location of Big Eye Show on the map

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(19.12.2020 21:59)
Hello! Is the show available on 29th - 30th Dec' trăng tròn ? (21.12.2020 14:10)
Unfortunately, show for adults are not available now.

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Phuong (15.12.2019 16:34)
Hi, we have 4 people và we want lớn book ticket for tonight, can you call us: 082*** (15.12.2019 16:57)
Hello! Please fill the khung on the website to make a booking. Our staff will tương tác you soon
Shuang (28.11.2019 17:54)
Hi, we 2 people planed lớn go big eye tonight, can I buy tickets for 800 B? liên hệ 0829611898 (28.11.2019 18:31)
Dear Shuang, ok, we will tương tác with you, but you can fill the size at our trang web for faster booking.
Vu (29.08.2019 17:59)
Hi guy, i want lớn bôk 2 tickets big eyes show tonight ? Can you help me Tks ! My phone 0997464436 (29.08.2019 18:13)
Hello, ok we will tương tác you in the nearest time.
Mukesh (26.08.2019 23:33)
I walk with calipers in both legs & crutches in both hands & can't climb stairs và upsurge. Is there volunteers in your show lớn help khổng lồ get me in?
huu tuan (28.06.2019 15:43)
Vietnamese will travel soonest to Pattaya. We would like to book 3 tickets for big eye show. Could you pls advise us ? 1/ vì we pay after picking up at our hotel? 2/ how about transportation from our hotel and return back? 3/ the cost for 3 ticket including transport fee? Looking forward lớn hearing from you soon. Thanks and best regards, Huu Tuan (28.06.2019 16:37)
Hello, Huu Tuan, you can pay to lớn the driver in cash. The price is 1500 baht for Vietnam, including return transfer from your hotel in Pattaya & come back.
mukesh (23.10.2018 19:17)
can u explain difference between 2 adult shows x69 & big eye show. Want lớn choose và book one of these two. Any pre reservation for front row seats available. (23.10.2018 19:55)
Dear Mukesh, these shows are for adult, you can read descriptions and feedbacks. We provide tickets to the show, but can't choose exact seats.
I am in a wheelchair vị you offer accessible for wheelchair (06.08.2018 17:56)
Dear Leifur, on the show there is an upsurge for the wheelchair, but it's pretty steep, the personal can help anyways.

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