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Here are all the Bleach vs Na-ru-to PC and Android APK downloads of original and modded/mugen versions.


Bleach vs Na-ru-to is a không tính tiền to tát play 2 chiều flash anime crossover fighting game developed by 5Dplay.

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It is playable on PC, app android phones, and mạng internet browsers and features characters from both Bleach and Na-ru-to Shippuden with guest character Kenshin Himura from Rurouni Kenshin.

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Bleach vs Na-ru-to Controls, Keys and Commands Bleach vs Na-ru-to Controls Bleach vs Na-ru-to Move List All Bleach vs Na-ru-to Commands, Keys, Key Combinations and Controls explained. Read Also: Bleach vs Na-ru-to Complete Guide. J: Attack U: Skill. K: Jump. KK: Double Jump. I: SP Skill. L: Sprint/Dash. L: Quick Recovery. KL: Midair Sprint. S+L and W+L: Quiet Step. O: Special - Combo Breaker and Summon Assistance W: Up. S: Down and Block. S+K: Desend platform. A: Move Left. D: Move Right. Forward+J and Forward+U: Grapple. Transformation:   How to tát transform in Bleach vs Na-ru-to APK How to tát Transform in Bleach vs Na-ru-to PC version For PC, simply press 'J' and 'K' simultaneously.  And For Android, simply push the button that looks lượt thích a swastika. This will cause your character to tát transform; not all characters can transform. Consumes 3 sp bars. Combo Breaker:  Simply press 'O'/Special while your character is being hit

BLEACH VS NARUTO CONTROLS AND COMMANDS Block: Press 'S' to tát block attacks. Drains character's Stamina Meter in the process. Attack: 'J' Skill: 'U' Grapple: Press 'J' or 'U' while right next to tát the opponent. Jump: Press 'K' once to tát jump, press 'K' again while in the air to tát perform a Double Jump. Transformation: Press 'J' and 'K' at once when your SP Meter is full. Not all characters can transform. SP Skill: 'I'. Consumes SP. Sprint: Press 'L'. Consumes the Stamina Meter. Quick Recovery: Press 'L' the instant your character hits the ground after being Knocked Down by your opponent. This causes your character to tát get back up immediately. Quiet Step: Press S+L or W+L. Consumes both Stamina Meter and SP Meter. It serves as a Combo Cancel and can be performed anytime except when stunned or taking hits. Summon Assistance: Press 'O'

Bleach vs Na-ru-to 3.3 Modded Download Its basically Bleach vs Na-ru-to 3.3, but with hundreds more characters to tát play with. This makes some people to tát consider it a MUGEN, but i don't. Skyrim's got lots of mods, but no one considers it a MUGEN. This modded version of the game is the handy work of Kizuma Gaming  and some others. They're pretty good at what they bởi, and they deserve all the credit. It was also made popular by my buddy  Andrej who has produced an impressive number of high quality videos on this mod featuring gameplay and tutorials such as How to tát Download and How to tát Add Characters . Feel không tính tiền to tát Download Bleach vs Na-ru-to 3.3 Modded for PC and Android if you lượt thích what you see. For tips and tricks to tát destroy your friends with, read the Complete Guide for the game.

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