Nha Trang To Mui Ne By Minivan And Bus


If you are traveling the entirety of Vietnam you will no doubt find yourself needing to lớn get from Nha Trang to Mui Ne at some stage. Though unfortunately, this isn’t a main transport route lượt thích the rest of Vietnam và your options will have decreased for direct journeys. Nevertheless, I am here to lớn explain all options for you, whether that is a plane, bus or train, I will let you know how to book, prices, & more!

Mui Ne is a đáng yêu little seaside town on the coast of Vietnam. There isn’t a heap of things to vày here, but there is enough lớn keep you entertained for a couple of days. Think sand dunes, fishing villages, and interesting landscapes, it is worth Though if you are traveling from North to South like I was you will find yourself needing lớn figure out how to lớn travel from Nha Trang khổng lồ Mui Ne.

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Luckily the journey itself isn’t too long & actually quite scenic. We hadn’t booked anything prior khổng lồ arriving in Nha Trang & simply decided lớn wait and see how we felt. We knew there would basically only be one direct option between Nha Trang khổng lồ Mui Ne. Though for a more comfortable journey we wouldn’t mind having to lớn transfer between transport.

In the end, we decided to lớn take a bus. Though this time we wanted to avoid a repeat of our horrible bus journey from Hanoi to Sapa so made sure to lớn research to lớn find a reputable company in advance prior to lớn booking. Unfortunately taking a train involves getting off at Phan Thiet và taking some sort of other transport the final trăng tròn or so kilometers.

I will let you know everything you need to lớn know about traveling from Nha Trang lớn Mui Ne such as whether to bus, plane, minivan, taxi, or train, prices, how to book tickets, departure times, and more!

Train4 hours 30 minutes + Taxifrom $7Comfortable journey
Private Transfer3 hoursfrom $75Super comfortable journey
Bus5 hoursfrom $7The cheapest way lớn travel
Tourist Bus5 hoursfrom $12More comfortable than the regular bus
AirportN/AN/AAn airport is currently being built outside of Mui Ne

How to lớn Get From Nha Trang lớn Mui Ne: All Transport Options Explained

Nha Trang to Mui Ne Distance

The distance from Nha Trang to Mui Ne is approximately 220 kilometers. You will find yourself backtracking a little bit if you happen khổng lồ decide khổng lồ go the train route. Though this is simply because there is not a train station in Mui Ne so you need to lớn stop in the nearest town called Phan Thiet & then catch another form of transport back north slightly up the coast.

The deciding factor which will sway you whether khổng lồ take a bus, private transfer or train will depend on your budget.

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Nha Trang to lớn Mui Ne Travel Time

Bus: The bus journey from Nha Trang to lớn Mui Ne takes 5 hours

Private Transfer: It takes approximately 3 & a half hours to travel from Nha Trang khổng lồ Mui Ne via private transfer.

Train: The train ride will take around 4 và a half hours from Nha Trang to lớn Mui Ne. Though you will also need to account to travel lớn Mui Ne from the Phan Thiet train station. This takes between twenty lớn thirty minutes.


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