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Now that Cambodia is back in the tourism swing of things again, you may be wondering how khổng lồ to get from Phnom Penh and Siem Reap in 2022 (and Siem Reap khổng lồ Phnom Penh). The options listed below are all operational as of August, 2022.

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Taking the bus is the cheapest way to lớn get from Phnom Penh to lớn Siem Reap…or you can splurge on a taxi!

Frequently asked questions

What should I know about traveling from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap during Covid-19?

Cambodia has just announced that travelers will not need lớn quarantine on arrival, và can travel throughout the country freely. However, be aware that Cambodia’s medical system is not great, và although Cambodians are highly vaccinated (88% at last count) they are mostly vaccinated with less-effective SinoVac and SinoPharm (but boosters are being administered). What does this mean for you? You may be required to wear a mask on buses, taxis, và planes.

How vì you travel from Phnom Penh to lớn Siem Reap?

You can take a taxi, bus, or plane to get from Phnom Penh to lớn Siem Reap (or vice versa). Each type of transportation has pluses & minuses. I usually recommend taking a bus or private taxi, unless there’s an airfare sale on. Scroll up to read more about each mode of transportation.

How much is a taxi from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap?

Taxis between Phnom Penh và Siem Reap usually cost between $65 lớn $100, but are more expensive on Cambodian holidays. Book a taxi online in advance, or read our taxi section to learn more.

How many hours from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh?

About an hour for a flight (plus waiting around at the airport), five hours for a taxi or mini-bus, six for a bus, and up khổng lồ 12 for the ferry. Chú ý that this can change due to lớn traffic, construction, & accidents, but these are the usual times. Scroll up to lớn learn more.

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How far is it from Siem Reap khổng lồ Phnom Penh?

It’s 146 miles (235 kilometers) from Siem Reap khổng lồ Phnom Penh if you travel by plane, but by road it’s between 198 và 250 miles (319 & 403 kilometers) depending on which National Road you take.This can take 40-60 minutes by plane or between 5 và 8 hours by car or bus.

How many kilometers is it from Phnom Penh khổng lồ Siem Reap?

It’s 235 kilometers from Phnom Penh khổng lồ Siem Reap if you fly, but between 319 & 403 kms if you drive. Sometimes bus và taxi drivers choose khổng lồ take the longer route to avoid construction or traffic on the shorter route.

How lớn get from Phnom Penh Airport to Siem Reap?

You can book a xe taxi online in advance that will meet you directly at the airport & take you lớn Siem Reap. This is definitely the most convenient way khổng lồ get from Phnom Penh Airport to lớn Siem Reap, although not the cheapest. Alternatively, many bus companies will meet you across the road from the airport if you arrange it in advance.

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How many days should I spend in Siem Reap?

At least five days. I’m working on a blog post khổng lồ explain why. :)Some liên kết in this post generate affiliate sales for us. This does not affect our nhận xét for specific bus companies or routes! For more about how we khuyễn mãi giảm giá with advertising, tiếp thị liên kết sales, & stuff like that, you can read more here.
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