Family tree là gì

a drawing that shows the relationships between the different members of a family, especially over a long period of time

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a drawing that shows all the members of a family, usually over a long period of time, và how they are related to each other
The traditional " migration " Mã Sản Phẩm takes lines linking linguistic phenomemãng cầu on family tree diagrams & interprets them historically in terms of lengthy migrations.
If there is a family history of bleeding, a family tree và the age of presentation in affected relatives may provide useful information.
Linguists use family tree diagrams as a size of pictorial shorth& khổng lồ illustrate the relationship và development of languages and groups of languages within families.
Family tree diagrams are thus static models that greatly oversimplify complex patterns of linguistic change.
Figure 5 shows a realistic example, in family tree form with all connecting lines horizontal or vertical.
It is likely that most people (if asked) could provide a crude "family tree" of their musical tastes.
There is no necessary one-to-one relationship between the history of a language and the history of the people who speak it today, nor between a family tree diagram và migrations.
Each node on a language family tree is supposed khổng lồ represent the starting point of an innovation or mix of innovations shared by all the languages below the node.
Thus, some of the innovations that have sầu come to lớn characterize a language or sub-group today may have occurred subsequent khổng lồ its node on the family tree.
Lexicostatistics thus produces the familiar bifurcating family tree mã sản phẩm of linguistic development, with each pair of languages stemming from an earlier language, as discussed further below.

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If a psychoanalytic approach is lớn survive, then there must be ways of pruning this family tree, so that the body of theory is strengthened rather than continually branching out.
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