Gội đầu tiếng anh là gì

a soapy liquid or other substance for washing the hair và scalp or for cleaning carpets, upholstery etc

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We must distinguish between the shampoos và the products for scabies, impetigo & psoriasis as against lipsticks & other forms of make-up.
Many women, if they knew what went on, would not use the cosmetics and shampoos that are now available.
Is it moral lớn say that the development of new shampoos—fundamental, far-reaching, technologically advanced shampoos—requires the use of animals?
At one stage it seemed as if garages & garden sheds across the country were jam-packed with shampoos and cleaning products that notoàn thân wanted khổng lồ buy.
We heard of shampoos being dropped into lớn the eyes of animals over many weeks lớn find out whether those substances should be kept out of the reach of children.
She did not have permanent waving, tinting, shampoos và all the rest of the things that are provided at the ladies" hairdressers because she could not afford them.
Products derived from plants include soaps, paints, shampoos, perfumes, cosmetics, turpentine, rubber, varnish, lubricants, linoleum, plastics, inks, chewing gum và hemp rope.
Selenium sulfide is used in medicinal shampoos và khổng lồ treat skin infections such as tinea versicolor.
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