For many years the Golden Lotus Hotels groups has succeeded in offering outstanding value và comfort in the completive Hanoi mild range khách sạn market. Now this recently opened Golden Lotus Luxury khách sạn - the new premises continue their record of well managed value formoney accommodation for short và long term staysin Hanoi. Offering a range of room và suites, the traditions of stylish furnishings và decoration art works continues to lớn make the Golden Lotus Group a good first choice for your Hanoi visit.Catering khổng lồ foreign và domestic tour groups as well as individual traveler, this hotel offer a high standard of friendly & comfortable accommodation






To avoid the scam taxi or any unexpected incident happened, we are pleased khổng lồ offer you the private airport transfer. Please look for the signboard saying " Welcome + Your Name + to Golden Lotus Hotels" on your arrival.In order khổng lồ make your transport more comfortable,Gloden Lotus also provides a shuttle service with surcharge.

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What is a `Visa on Arrival ?`:this is most likely the easiest way khổng lồ obtain your visa without having khổng lồ chase down embassies, consulates and the lượt thích prior khổng lồ your trip, & is a valid alternative when applying for a tourist visa. The entry visa will be stamped on your passport as you pass through our immigration checkpoint.

A nice swimming pool is located on top floor of Golden Lotus Luxury hotel. Although you are staying at Golden Lotus hotel but warmly welcomed khổng lồ my sister khách sạn to enjoy swimming pool và panoramic Hanoi view in order lớn offer various services lớn you. The opening hours for swimming pool from 08:00 to lớn 20:00.

We would lượt thích to supply many services for spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp and body toàn thân treatment. It's very convenient for you to lớn book directly with our Receptionist & a schedule will be confirmed immediately.

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Guests can see some spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp services as below:Facial Care - Relaxing services - Revival therapy.

Located on Mezzaline floor of Golden Lotus Luxury hotel, our meeting room has total area approximately 100 sqm that matches to mutifunctional events from small meetings, workshops, parties and trainning coruses. It's private và quiet area. We can cài đặt this area following guests' request & demand of events such as U-shape, Class-room...

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Lotus Stream restaurant is designed elegantly and served for búp phê breafast, lunch & dinner. Our thực đơn has various choices of dishes from Vietnamese cuisines khổng lồ international cuisines following Ala carte, búp phê or mix menu.

Operation hours: From 06:00 AM to 14:00 PM. Dinner time from 17:30 khổng lồ 22:30

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