tê mê Rong Mountain is notorious for its shape. It looks lượt thích a dragon’s head looking up to lớn the sky. Lush orchid greenery covers the head most of the year. The foliage in this area is diverse. There are over 6,000 types of flora in this area. At various times of the year, you can see cherry blossoms (Spring), the African Lily (Summer) plus other common flowers like geraniums and hydrangea.

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The local narrative foretold that this area was a place for two dragons, who were in love. They were never apart & did everything together. They were besotted with one another. They were so happy. Then, in an instant, a great storm washed away everything and flooded the whole area. The male dragon got away & flew lớn heaven. The female dragon got trapped in the flood. Over time, her toàn thân became Hoang Lien Son và her head turned into the mê say Rong Mountain.

The thắm thiết season here is Spring. Various floral blooms & arrangements around the area are spectacular. The flower garden shows bouquets and bunches of colourful and beautifulfauna, the best range khổng lồ be seen in the area. Flowers spread out across the landscape. The scenery is wonderful. It’s an easy walk too. This takes around 30 minutes.

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The pathway khổng lồ the peak is around 3-4 hours, depending on your cấp độ of fitness. As with most places around Sapa, you’ll need a good pair of waterproof shoes with a strong grip. There are stone steps on some of the winding footpaths lớn the peak. Toward the summit is the Cloud Yard or San May. The rock formations are named Heaven Gate 1 & Heaven Gate 2. As hikers progress through the paths, the summit can be reached. On a clear day, the Hoang Lien Mountain can be viewed from all around. There is an incredible birds-eye view of Sapa Town from above. The Fansipan Mountain Summit can also be viewed from a distance.

The best time to lớn visit đắm say Rong Mountain is during Spring and Summer when the skies stay relatively clear và the flowers are in full bloom. Be sure khổng lồ bring some warm clothes & water. It can get cold at any time and reasonably priced water can be sparse on the mountain walkway. Look to lớn visit the market close to yêu thích Rong if you have time. The mountain range produces some delicious peaches and plums throughout the year.

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Tours can be booked online, in Hanoi or in Sapa Town. Ticket fees are 70,000-100,000 VND per person.