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Making automatic table of contents in essays or diss essays seems simple but not with some of you who are not familiar with Word. Some of your difficulties are.

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Not placing multiple headings causes the table of contents khổng lồ be incomplete or the headings khổng lồ be leveled together.How bởi vì I create an automatic table of contents on a trắng paper và nội dung starting from page 1? Hieu agrees it’s hard, but it’s not going to lớn get in there.Heading and bad format table of contents, hard to lớn see.Don’t update page numbers and headlines again when you change content.

Your difficulties are the same, now let’s get lớn work.

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Install heading in word

To use heading in word effectively as well as save sầu the effort of sitting và editing formats, in the first place you need to lớn create headings with multiple levels (usually from 1 to 6). Say it’s created, but it’s actually available and it just doesn’t show you.

Create a heading in word

At the Word interface on the trang chính tab you tap the Style hotline button or cliông xã the Alt Ctrl Shift S key combination as shown to lớn show the Style table.


The Paragraph table that appears you’ll see is only different from the paragraph format in the Spacing section. You should put Line spacing on as your paragraph formats. Before and After, you consider 0 lớn 2.

To be beautiful, I recommover the Paragraph of the heading you should format exactly the same. Simple is the best that :))

One thing like that repeats all headings and vày everything you can to lớn remember lớn put new docmuents based on this template. I don’t hear that toad.

To check that it has been saved forever, you press Ctrl N (open the new file) lớn see if it is saved so, which one has not you turned off the newly opened tệp tin và re-entered the place that has not been saved to New docmuents based on this template.

Ok fine! Now we make the rest of the table of contents automatic.

Create an automatic table of contents in Word

Creating a table of contents in word with the image below will help you :)) You need lớn follow the order of steps below.

Add headings to headings

For easy heading management you should turn on Navigation by Ctrl F (find) as pictured.

In the Navigation bar you select the Heading tab to lớn see how they show organized headings.

For example, chapter 1 is the highest màn chơi I selected it as heading 1 (so that the mouse is in that line & clichồng heading 1). Immediately on the Heading tab of the Navigation bar appears Chapter 1 as shown below. Other headings vì chưng the same and observe sầu the Heading tab khổng lồ see if they’re in the right place.

To delete the heading, clichồng Normal.When it’s all over, remember Ctrl A & adjust the text color to blachồng for the less flashy heading!!

After attaching all headings to lớn the headings you are about to lớn have a beautiful table of contents, read on the following steps.

Wrap a Trắng paper in Word

Usually the nội dung will start from page 1. And you have trouble inserting a table of contents that starts on another digital page while the table of contents or other openings it eats from page 1 :))

Place your mouse where you want to lớn break, & then go through the Layout tab và select “Next Page”, why?

Select Page: breaks the pages in 1 Section, the number of pages in a section is consecutive.Select Next Page: breaks the page lớn a new Section, which can edit the page numbers of 2 different sections. The goal is to lớn get the nội dung section with the page starting at 1. The beginning of the essay will not have a page number or other page number.

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Now you add the page to lớn the Footer by simply make sure everyone knows:v via the Insert tab và select the Footer as shown below.

Then you see that the page number in the toàn thân và the part you break it still links together, right? Let’s take the bottom step so they can trade each other’s hands :))

By the middle of 2 Pages of 2 Section, you double-clichồng the Footer of the page to appear edit, at which point you see Footer Section 1 & Header Section 2 appear.

You cliông xã one on the Header of the lower page and then clichồng on the Footer of the page on one, then cliông xã the Link to Previos button (let go of each other).

When it still links the background the button will be dark, it returns lớn the light color is ok.

Now you need lớn make the first page of nội dung starting from number 1.Double-click the Footer of section of the essay nội dung. In the Insert tab cliông xã page number select Format Page Numbers.

Select Sart at 1 as shown below, ok. As for the rest of Section’s pages, you can just double-cliông xã on its Footer & delete it.

That’s the kết thúc of the page, it’s a little confusing but it’s just ^_^

Insert a table of contents in Word

To have your cursor in say you want khổng lồ insert a table of contents, then cliông chồng the References tab to lớn cliông xã table of contents.

It’s important here that you don’t choose which templates it has to lớn have sầu available because it’s very limited. Select Custom Table of Contents as shown below to lớn make the table of contents more beautiful.

The Table of Contents appears, where you only care about the smallest cấp độ of heading in your essay. For example, the smallest cấp độ Hieu uses is 6, Hieu fills out 6 at Show levels and clicks Ok.

And here’s the result. Equal levels will stand equally positioned. The lower the cấp độ, the more mature it is lớn be observed.

If you edit the title or nội dung you’ve taken khổng lồ another page. You need khổng lồ update the table of contents by going khổng lồ the References tab lớn click update the table of contents.

Choose Update page numbers only if you only update page numbers.Select Uptate entire table if you want to lớn update both page numbers & title names.

Table of contents tutorial clip with heading

Also impersonating her khổng lồ make a short clip for this more live-up tutorial, hihi. It’s just a look at the actual process guide, but the nội dung is still in this article.


The use of heading and automatic table of contents as above sầu is the most optimal that Hieu knows. Do you have suggestions on where khổng lồ optimize or not understand? Please leave sầu a comment below.

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This article is based on Word năm nhâm thìn. For creating a table of contents in Word 2010 or other versions, the same is true.

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