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to attach a boat or ship lớn something on l& or to the surface under the water lớn keep it in place:
An allotment of part of the moor was planned so that peat-cutting could continue when the rest of the moor was enclosed.
Various building-platforms are ruins of rectangular buildings are distributed along this axis, and hollow-ways lead from it onlớn the moor above, to lớn the north.
Unlike the remote northern grouse moors, such estates offered potentially rich pickings for poachers.
In this context we may refer to the rich archaeological evidence for a long-term tradition of ritual depositions và ceremonial activities in moors.
It focuses on the ethical questions that moored nationamenu thought and practice, & were premised on particular understandings of the self.
Over 2,500 hectares of moors & arid heaths have been cleared and converted lớn ploughlvà, enclosed pastures và plantations.
The pace & timing of change varied from place to lớn place, often shaped, in part, by the enclosure of woodlands or drainage of the moors.
One of the other yachts narrowly missed destruction when the berg to lớn which it was moored suddenly toppled over.
In addition khổng lồ their shared role in administration, landed gentlemen, professional gentlemen và gentlemen merchants stood shoulder khổng lồ shoulder on the grouse moor and river bank.
The inhabitants of remote manufacturing villages on the " wild, semicultivated hills & moors " were known for their laông xã of deference, "rugged ", và " occasionally eccentric " individualism, stoicism, và plain speaking.
It is in this zone that vessels awaiting suitable tidal facilities khổng lồ enter the locks would have sầu to moor.

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If you have a sweet tooth, you lượt thích eating sweet foods, especially sweets và chocolate.

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