Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village


Today, Non Nuoc stone carving village located at the foot of the Marble Mountains, Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District. Currently, there is a temple lớn the “Stone Carving Founders” at the Marble Mountains, và many ancestor anniversary activities are held in the village on the 6th day of the first lunar month every year. Highlights:Visiting Non Nuoc Village, tourists can choose the souvenirs và very meticulously honed by skilled artisans. Travelers will not be able lớn resist the exquisite sculptures, smooth gloss of the marble layer only found in Marble Mountains, such as statues of gods, animal, etc. All 3D a diverse stone village, richness và originality. Each sculpture is a result of the labor feats hand talent and diligence. Each drill, chiseled features of these artisans have expressed the love sầu for the inanimate rocks. Generations of artisans và their children work hard every day to create the most valuable works, maintain & promote the beauty of traditional villages. From this village, you can climb khổng lồ one of 5 mountains within Marble Mountain Complex to witness the beautiful landscapes. Five sầu mountains were named after five elements of nature: Kyên ổn Son (metal), Moc Son (wood), Hoa Son (fire), Tho Son (earth) and Thuy Son (water). Of the five mountains, Thuy Son is both the largest và the most beautiful mountain.


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