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Based onFemale Psychologist by Bi Shumin
Written byZhu Li
Directed bySam Quah
StarringYang Zi
Jing Boran
Wang Jia
Jian Renzi
Opening theme"Psychological Master" by Kelly Chen
Ending theme"Flower House Cafe" by Yang Zi and Wu Muye
Country of originChina
Original languageMandarin
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes40[1]
8 (Special)
ProducerGuo Feng
Production locationsSanya, Hainan
Running time45 mins
Production companiesYulele Pictures Co., Ltd
Original networkYouku
Original release23 November 2021 –
3 January 2022

Psychologist (Chinese: 女心理师; pinyin: Nǚ Xīn Lǐ Shī) is a 2021 Chinese television series directed by Malaysian Chinese director Sam Quah (柯汶利) and produced by Yulele Pictures Co., Ltd.[2] The series is produced with a special fund for guiding and supporting television series in 2020 from the National Radio and Television Administration and is a key television series project supported by the Hainan Free Trade Port.[3]

The series is based on Bi Shumin's 2007 novel Female Psychologist. Starring Yang Zi and Jing Boran,[4][5] the series premiered on Youku on 23 November 2021 and ended its lập cập on 3 January 2022.[6] The remaining part He Dun's Happiness aired from 23 November to tướng 8 December 2022.[7]



  • Yang Zi as He Dun
    • Ren Feier as young He Dun
A psychologist who had a painful childhood. Once worked at a Psychological Assistance Center and later started her own business. Due to tướng Qian Kaiyi's constant persuasion, She decided to tướng be a regular host of the radio show "Night Talks of the Heart". She had a crush on her high school classmate Qian Kaiyi.
  • Jing Boran as Qian Kaiyi
    • Zheng Qianli as young Qian Kaiyi
Host of the popular radio show "Time Interview" but was replaced. To get back the show he started "Night Talks of the Heart" and invited He Dun to tướng co-host the show with him. He likes He Dun.
  • Wang Jia as Ye Jiahui
    • Yang Yunhan as young Ye Jiahui
He Dun and Tang Lili's neighbour. Qian Kaiyi's love rival. Deliberately approached He Dun for the "F" tệp tin.
  • Jian Renzi as Tang Lili
He dun's best friend. Works in a high position of a company.


  • Ni Ping as Zhao Xiping
He Dun's mother
  • Huang Jue as Ji Mingcong
He Dun's professor
  • Ma Su as Anna
Young Zhao Xiping
  • Yang Tongshu as Fu Tang
Client F. Ye Jiahui's mother
  • Liu Xiaohai as Ye Jicheng
Ye Jiahui's adoptive father. Also known as Ye Niantang.
  • Han Haolin as He Jun
He Dun's younger brother


On September 10, 2020, Psychologist announced Yang Zi and Jing Boran as the female and male protagonists.[8] The series held a pre launching ceremony on October 31, 2020. Psychologist was launched on November 1, 2020, at 1st Hainan Satellite Television Industrial Summit. The series finished filming on March 11, 2021.[9] The whole series was filmed in Sanya, Hainan.

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1."Psychological Master (心理大师)[10]" (Opening theme song)Gou LinLiu FengyaoKelly Chen (version 1)
Yang Zi, Wang Jia & Jian Renzi (version 2)
Liu Fengyao (version 3)


2."Flower House Cafe (时光笔墨)[11]" (Ending theme song)Gao XiaoxiWu MuyeYang Zi03:31
3."Secret (小秘密)" (Interlude)Rennie WangRennie WangRennie Wang (version 1)
Lu Yupeng (version 2)
4."For Love Longing (是对爱的渴望)" (Interlude)Rennie WangRennie Wang房东的猫03:01
5."I'm Doing Well Without You (没有你我现在过得很好)" (Interlude)Bei Chi & Zhou YanhongWang HeqiZhou Yanhong03:00

International broadcast[edit]

Channel Location Date
Astro Shuang Xing  Malaysia 23 November 2021
Line TV  Taiwan 1 January 2022
Taiwan Mobile
RTHK TV 31  Hong Kong 8 March 2022
Longhua TV  Taiwan 12 April 2022
PLAYY  South Korea 25 April 2022
HTV7  Vietnam 30 April 2022
MONOMAX  Thailand 29 July 2022


Due to tướng the 40-episode limit[12] on Chinese dramas announced by the National Radio and Television Administration, the series that was supposed to tướng air with 48 episodes became 40 episodes. The remaining 8 episodes was renamed as He Dun's Happiness (贺顿的小可乐) and premiered on 23 November 2022 on the series's first anniversary and finished its lập cập on 8 December 2022.[7]

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Original novel[edit]

  • Female Psychologist(女心理師)(ISBN 978-7513324540)


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