Out of town là gì


out of town

1. Spending a period of time away from one"s town or thành phố of residence. I"m going out of town for two weeks, so Robin will be in charge while I"m gone. My parents are out of town this weekend. Want lớn have sầu a party?2. Forced lớn leave sầu a town or city, usually due to one"s indiscretions or misdeeds. Now that this scandal is public knowledge, I"m afraid that I"m going lớn be run out of town. The sheriff already drove sầu the criminals out of town bachồng in January, but it looks lượt thích they"re back againSee also: of, out, town

out of town

temporarily not in one"s own town. I"ll go out of town next week. I"m going lớn be at a conference.

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I take care of Mary"s cát when she"s out of town.See also: of, out, town

out of town

Away from the town or thành phố under consideration; away from home page. For example, In his new job Tom will be going out of town nearly every week, or He"s out of town but I"ll have sầu him Hotline you when he gets bachồng. See also: of, out, townSee also:

get out of town

you are mistaken, vì not expect us lớn believe you You saw a Martian? Get outa town! I don"t believe it.

out of town

Idiom(s): out of townTheme: ABSENCE temporarily not in one"s own town.• I"ll be out of town next week. I"m going to lớn a conference.• I take care of Mary"s cát when she"s out of town.

out of town|out|town

adv. phr. Having left one"s usual residence or place of work on a longer trip. "Mr. Smith is out of town until Monday," the secretary said. "May I take a message?"

run out of town

chase out of town, the bum"s rush If you don"t pay property taxes they"ll run you out of town.
out of the hole out of the jaws of death out of the limelight out of the loop out of the mouths of babes out of the ordinary out of the picture out of the question out of the reckoning out of the red out of the running out of the swyên (of things) out of the swyên of things out of the top drawer out of the way out of the window out of the wood out of the wood(s) out of the woods out of the woodwork out of thin air out of this world out of time out of time (with someone or something) out of touch out of town out of tryên out of true out of tune out of tune with (someone or something) out of turn out of waông chồng out of wedlochồng out of whaông xã out of whole cloth out of work out of your box out of your depth out of your element out of your gourd out of your hands out of your mind out of your own pocket out of your skull out of your tree out of your way out of, be out of/in the limelight out of/off your head out on (one's) ear out on (one's) feet run its course run-of-the-mill run off run off at the mouth run off with (someone) run out run out of patience run out (of something) run out of town run over run ragged run rampant run roughshod run scared run short run some tests run (someone) in

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