rainbow friends chapter 2

Rainbow Friends Chapter 2 is the sequel vĩ đại Rainbow Friend's Chapter 1

Chapter 2


The chapter starts out after the events of the previous chapter. The Player(s) lập cập vĩ đại ODD World. Once the player(s) arrive; you encounter a mysterious old man, who is trying vĩ đại cut the fence using pliers. He is surprised vĩ đại see the player(s), and asks what the player(s) are doing in the woods. A player warns the man about encountering dangerous "monsters". The man doesn't believe your claim, and decides that you can collect lightbulbs for an SOS signal. Red, appears from beyond the fence and releases Blue and Green from a garage.

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Hour 1

The player(s) are tasked with collecting 25 lightbulbs around the map vĩ đại create an SOS signal. These lightbulbs are located around various points within the map. Each player receives 5 coins per lightbulb collected and returned, 125 coins total possible vĩ đại be rewarded. The player(s) are being hunted by three Rainbow Friends: Blue, Green and Purple. If the player(s) survive the round and complete the task, this will over the first hour. A cutscene will then occur.

The SOS signal activates. Blue appears, walking past a side corridor. The technician immediately recognizes Blue and comes vĩ đại the realization that going vĩ đại ODD World was a mistake. He then tells the player(s) that they could vĩ đại use a drill vĩ đại bust out of ODD World. Yellow is introduced; causing Red vĩ đại comment that this monster must have finally gotten over their stage fright.

Hour 2

The Player(s) are tasked vĩ đại collect 15 gas canisters vĩ đại power the drill. Each player receives 5 coins per gas canister collected and returned, 75 coins total possible vĩ đại be rewarded. This, the technician hopes, will be able vĩ đại drill through part of ODD World and help the player(s) escape the theme park. Yellow is an antagonist that will hunt you down from this hour in the game onward. The player(s) are hunted by four Rainbow Friends: Blue, Green, Purple and Yellow. If the player(s) collect the canisters, the hour will over. A cutscene will then occur.

The fuel for the drill is collected; the drill breaks through a closet door, making 10 "Lookies" fly out. The technician is confused, but the following blast knocks him into a rock. The technician wakes up on top of the amusement park's droptower, with Red threatening the player(s) with the technician's demise if they tự not gather up the Lookies.

Hour 3

To get the main ending for this hour, collect all 10 Lookies scattered around the map. Each player receives 10 coins per Lookie collected and returned, 100 coins total possible vĩ đại be rewarded. The Lookies may roll quickly if approached, ví be careful. They are found in various places in the map. To get an alternate ending, wait between 10 and 15 minutes for the drop tower's platform vĩ đại reach the top. The player(s) are still being hunted by the same four Rainbow Friends from Hour 2. If the player(s) survive the round or complete the task, this will over the third hour.

The Main Ending will occur when all Lookies are collected. Red will let the technician climb down from the tower on vĩ đại a chair, and be led vĩ đại safely. The technician assures the player(s) that he is okay, and decides that their best way out is through Orange's Roller Coaster. He comes vĩ đại the conclusion that the player(s) need vĩ đại move the Giant Lookie by making a slice of cake. Cyan is shown inspecting a ladybug, with Red hinting vĩ đại the player that she is motion activated.

The Alternate Ending will occur when the player(s) tự not collect all 10 Lookies in 10-15 minutes. A cutscene will occur where Red presses a button which should have exploded the Droptower and the mysterious man. However, a Blue Lookie interrupts Red, stopping the tower from exploding. Red then states "What are you looking at?". Cyan is introduced as normal.

Hour 4

This is the final task of the chapter; the player(s) are requested vĩ đại collect 9 sugar packs in order vĩ đại bake a cake for the Giant Lookie. Each player receives 5 coins per sugar pack collected and returned, 45 coins total possible vĩ đại be rewarded. The player(s) must survive the round and complete this task, The player(s) are being hunted by five Rainbow Friends: Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow and Cyan. Once the sugar packs are all collected and taken vĩ đại the bowl the fourth hour ends and a cutscene plays.

In front of Orange's Roller Coaster, the Technician lures the Giant Lookie with the freshly baked cake. After the Lookie rolls away, him and the players walk through the entrance of the ride.

Hour 5 (Finale)

The Player(s) will eventually arrive at a couple carts (depends on how many players that are in the server alive). Players may sit in an individual cart, or can ride with up vĩ đại three passengers. The carts eventually start moving, with a couple of signs telling the Player(s) that they are able vĩ đại lean on either side of the cart vĩ đại control the path it follows. After a couple of seconds, the player is greeted with Cyan, who looks at the player(s) for a few seconds before becoming aggressive and opening her mouth vĩ đại reveal her sharp teeth, but before Cyan could even make an attempt vĩ đại attack the roller coaster then goes down a long drop, having vĩ đại avoid various monsters, the roller coaster passes by Orange who is the first monster you have vĩ đại avoid, then travels through various areas until you are met with Blue in a castle area who you also have vĩ đại avoid being caught by, then travels through a treasure area where Yellow drops through the ceiling and you have vĩ đại avoid being caught by as well, it then moves vĩ đại the garbage area in which Cyan comes from the opposite trail and you have vĩ đại turn vĩ đại the garbage vĩ đại avoid being caught by her too, they fall down the garbage chute. After a few seconds Cyan falls from the chute onto the mattress and lands on her back, the Player(s) then lập cập through a door and Cyan gets back up on her feet and begins vĩ đại quickly chase the player(s) with extreme tốc độ. The Player(s) have vĩ đại escape Cyan by running through various hallways, obstacles and many twists and turns down various paths with Cyan right behind them snapping her teeth, until they reach a broken metal gate, they duck under one of the holes and get vĩ đại the opposite side of the gate. Cyan quickly follows behind, but then meets with the gate that is blocking her way from getting vĩ đại the player(s), Cyan realizes she is too big and can't get through, forcing her vĩ đại give up and retrieve back vĩ đại her trang chính. A final cinematic is shown with Blue sleeping on his throne in his castle. Red states "Where is Blue? We're going vĩ đại be late." before the credits roll. The player receives 150 coins for completing Hour 5.

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  • Each player receives 5 coins per item collected and returned in Hour 1, (25 lightbulbs, 125 coins total possible)
  • Each player receives 5 coins per item collected and returned in Hour 2, (15 gas canisters, 75 coins total possible)
  • Each player receives 10 coins per item collected and returned in Hour 3, (10 Lookies, 100 coins total possible)
  • Each player receives 5 coins per item collected and returned in Hour 4, (9 sugar packs, 45 coins total possible)
  • Each player receives 150 coins for completing Hour 5
  • Each player is capable of receiving 495 coins each game in total possible.




  • You can now visit Chapter 2: https://www.roblox.com/games/7991339063/Rainbow-Friends#!/about
  • This chapter takes place at Odd World, an amusement park built around the Rainbow friends.
  • During the minecart sequence, the soundtrack kích hoạt Overload will play.
  • Chapter 2 starts with 2 monsters on the first hour, while Chapter 1 only started with one monster on Night 1.
  • Blue and Green have the exact same mechanics as they did in Chapter 1, with the only expectation being that Blue runs faster in Chapter 2 than vãn he did in Chapter 1.
  • Purple works much differently in Chapter 2 than vãn they did in Chapter 1.
  • Yellow and Cyan are the new monsters introduced this Chapter.
  • Pink was originally meant vĩ đại be part of this chapter, but was scrapped from it (this also was the same for Chapter 1).
  • A Red rainbow friend was orringinally meant vĩ đại appear in this chapter, but was scrapped, speculatively ví players won't mistake it with a looky and try vĩ đại pick it up.
  • Red's dialogue block finally shows his true appearance in Chapter 2, instead of just being a shadow silhouette of him lượt thích in Chapter 1.
  • Cyan is the only female character in Chapter 2, with the only expectations being that Purple's gender isn't revealed and some of the Lookies in this chapter could be female.
  • Yellow gets a redesign in Chapter 2.
  • Purple's full body toàn thân is still not yet revealed in this chapter, as many people theorized their full body toàn thân would finally be shown in the second chapter.
  • Purple's gender is still not confirmed in this chapter.
  • Cyan is used as for the final chase sequence, this is likely due vĩ đại Cyan not appearing much in the actual Chapter, as she is only active for one hour, she was likely used for the final chase sequence vĩ đại give her more screen time.
    • On the other hand, Orange only appears in the roller coaster sequence during the finale. This makes him the rainbow friend with the least screen time, as he only has about 7 seconds of screen time.
  • There are several hints in Chapter 2 that possible confirm there will be a Pink monster soon.
  • Chapter 2 seemingly confirms on a whiteboard in Blue's Castle that there will be a light show in Chapter 3.
  • Cyan and Yellow are not part of the Rainbow Friends minifigures, this is due vĩ đại them debuting MUCH LATER than vãn the minifigures were planned vĩ đại be made.
  • Yellow is the only monster in Chapter 2 that does not immediately kill players upon catching them (this is not the case for the roller coaster sequence during the finale).
  • Green is by far the least popular monster, even after Chapter 2's release.
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