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The tale

In the 3 chiều film Relic Warrior, the lost sister of the knight named Autelan travels around the world looking for him. The demon king and his demons escape from Hell with help from an outside source. With his sister Shirley kidnapped by the demon king, Autelan phối out lớn confront and defeat him. His goal was lớn restore peace lớn the kingdom and defeat the demon king.


The game Relic Warrior 3 chiều is similar lớn MU Online. It features a large world lớn explore with deadly challenges and dangers. The game's story is guided by NPCs, rather phàn nàn a plot system. During missions, players discover nội dung by following instructions from the NPCs. You must assist them in defeating various monsters and locating specific items in order lớn discover new stories. Several different areas of the world are unlocked as a result.

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In the Relic Warrior 3 chiều game, players see the protagonist in full 3 chiều detail. They can see his health and mana bars, which indicate his current status. When he performs certain combat moves, his mana drains. MP bottles are often sold in stores; you can also find them dropped by defeated monsters. Additional MP is required for him lớn continue fighting.


The gameplay in Relic Warrior 3 chiều resembles that of an MMORPG. Monsters appear everywhere and tend lớn attack whenever a human is spotted. You can run rẩy past the monsters or destroy them lớn earn experience points and gain access lớn rare equipment or tư vấn items. When the game's hero increases in level, they acquire more HP and encounter harder monsters. They also obtain better attribute-enhancing equipment. However, they lose out on more experience gained and tougher monsters. Bosses appear on the map; they appear larger phàn nàn life with high damage attacks. Look for them by way of flashing lights on the on the map. You should also stock up on health restoration — with an upgraded armor and sword in hand.

upgrade your weapons lớn a higher level.

The MuKnightJourneys upgrade system increases the strength of your character by mặc định. Maxing out the two most important pieces of equipment requires using weapons and armor. Each can be leveled lớn 13. You don't have lớn seek out additional supplies when upgrading your gear. Instead, you can conveniently upgrade your supplies as soon as they're acquired via another character. This allows you lớn keep moving when you need lớn better prepare for a coming conflict.


At the beginning of each story, the hero only has one basic ability that automatically attacks. As the story progresses, he learns new skills that have a larger area of effect and damage. Reliquary Warrior 3 chiều is an MMORPG that emphasizes the importance of skills. Familiarizing yourself with your equipment and the weapon you wield grants you more power phàn nàn someone who doesn't. Strengthening your skills also makes them faster and more efficient. This helps you progress further through the game's story by hunting down the demon king.


The games graphics are built on the Unity Engine, a software program that allows for the creation of scenes with realistic 3 chiều objects. Additional magic light effects are incorporated into the game lớn give the impression of special abilities when the character performs specific actions. Reliquary Warrior 3 chiều has high reviews for its realistic graphics. This tiện ích runs smoothly even on low-end devices. ———

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