Thung Nai impresses anyone who sees it from the very first time with the harmonious combination of mountains, lakes và charming houses nestled in between the high hills.

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Located in Cao Phong district, Hoa Binh province, just about 110km north-east of Hanoi center, Thung Nai is a popular destination for weekend retreat of both tourists & upper class Hanoians who can afford the time and cost.



Once upon a time, Thung Nai was a great valley covered by the vast forest, which is trang chủ to numerous deer. Hence, the local people hotline it “Thung Nai” means “the Valley of deer”.

Since the 1980s when the domain authority River hydropower plant was constructed, Thung Nai has become a huge lake containing the water served for the operation of this hydropower plant. All initial surrounding high mountains become floating green islands và create poetic và magnificent scenery which can enchant any tourist. Thung Nai is called “the second Ha Long cất cánh on land” in the North of Vietnam (the first position was taken by Tam Coc Bich Dong in Ninh Binh province).

Visitor Information


Most tourists traveling to lớn Thung Nai choose the Windmill guesthouse, which is located on Friends Island as an ideal place for a comfortable và relaxing stay. The guesthouse area consists of a large two-storey redbrick house and a windmill offering visitors a breath-taking view of Thung Nai, a stilt house functioning as a communal dinning place, & a tennis court lying in the lush orchard. The Windmill itself is often regarded as an attraction of Thung Nai.

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Staying in the Windmill, tourists will be served local specialties like grilled Muong pork, smoked or grilled da River fish, or fish sour soup, & straw wine. After the dinner, tourists, especially the youngsters often gather for the campfire in front of the guesthouse, and watching the sparkling fishing canoe floating in the lake by night.


Waking up in the morning, tourists can refresh themselves by breathing the fresh air & enjoying the natural beauty in early morning. A boat tour to lớn discover sites around the lake in Thung Nai lượt thích Ba Chua Thac Bo temple, Thac Bo grotto (with a lot of stalactite in various shapes), Ngoi Hoa village of Muong people is also a good option. Especially, tourists who luckily come here on Sunday morning can drop by Thac Bo floating market, just 20 minutes by boat from the Windmill, where they can buy fresh fish, shrimp caught by local people.

Best Time to lớn Visit

Thung Nai is said lớn be most beautiful in the autumn, when the water cấp độ reaches the highest and the valley is filled with the romantic lake water. Try visiting Thung Nai this time to lớn best enjoy the landscape.

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How khổng lồ Get There

From Hanoi, tourists can travel lớn Thung Nai easily by oto or motorbike. After riding along the National Highway 6 and reaching Hoa Binh town, turn right & keep riding 20km toward the upstream of da River then stop at Binh Thanh marina. From here, tourists will get on the boat & begin the trip to discover the beauty of Thung Nai.

Useful Information

Location: Thung Nai Best for: All visitors Entrance: free Hours: Day time visit is recommended Distance to city center: 14.8km (9.2 mi)