Triều cường tiếng anh là gì

Flood tide and ebb tide, late dawns & early nights—these will occur whether the closing time is 36, 42, or 48 hours.

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A pronounced tidal asymmetry with an ebb tide lasting twice as long as the flood tide is characteristic of the area.
For, as any veteran methodist field preacher knew, just as the flood tide of enthusiasm could sweep men into lớn the fold, so the ebb would draw them out.
In fact, these places are so dangerous that there has been practically a stoppage on using them when there is a flood tide.
Reception areas have not been designated and no preparations have sầu been made to receive sầu the flood tide of humanity pouring from the cities.
What can escape a nylon net 1,000 yards long, operated on a flood tide and drifting into lớn the river mouth?
The directive will not trigger a flood tide of new migrants, but it is a particularly valuable mechanism for young people.
The flood tide of migrants along our southern borders is upsetting our cosy calculation that ineunique can be sustained without cost.
The second ingredient in this flood tide of opinion is the increasing concern for the totality of our physical environment.
The drift netters come along with their 1,000-yard nylon nets and phối them across the flood tide as near khổng lồ the river mouth as they can.

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