Where and how to buy good coffee beans in hanoi


As I know, the company was established in 1996, amusingly by a group of medical students. Just after a few years, they had a franchise network of more than 10,000 coffee shops in the country, & were also establishing several café outlets overseas.

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Now, Trung Nguyen is a major coffee maker in Vietnam. I lượt thích their business philosophy to lớn invest in farmers as well as in brand development.


Trung Nguyen – my coffee preferences

Trung Nguyen coffee has been among my favorite since last 10 years. & I’ll tell you why right now.

First of all, Trung Nguyen was the first national coffee name with professional và nice shops that had a persistent style: peaceful & professional.

Secondly, their coffee tastes so good. At that time, they offered coffees with 8 degrees, which mean different degree of caffeine và quality. I preferred the middle range: number 4.

Thirdly, I was impressed by Trung Nguyen’s founder: Mr. Dang Le Nguyen Vu, who quit studying as medical student & pursuit his dream to lớn become a great business man in the land of coffee: Buon Me Thuot. He made it, and gave a great impression on me và other young Vietnamese.

A few years ago, however, many coffee shops with similar or better styles appeared. Trung Nguyen at the time, in my opinion, did not maintain high quality and attractive style at their shops. There’s not much difference between Trung Nguyen and other vendors. So gradually I went there less và less. So did many of my friends.

The founder with an impressive style

When Trung Nguyen coffee appeared as a phenomenon in Vietnam economy, the company founder Chairman Đặng Lê Nguyên Vũ is really a part of the success.

Having left university at the third year of studies, Mr. Vu became a well-known entrepreneur & typical mirror for Vietnamese youth, especially who wish to lớn start their own business.

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I’m impressed by his unique style: bald man in casual costumes with cigar on hand, and crowned in a Panama hat.

Forbes magazine honored him the Vietnam Coffee’s King. Besides Mr. Vu, only a few Vietnamese successful entrepreneurs have such honor: Ms. Mai Kieu Lien (Vinamilk), Mr. Ly Qui Trung (Pho 24).

And a competition war with global giants

Recently, Starbucks had their first coffee shops in Ho bỏ ra Minh City, which threaten the domestic coffeehouse chains, and Trung Nguyen is not an exception.

I drank Starbuck coffee several times abroads. It tastes quite different with coffee roasted, ground, và brewed by Trung Nguyen and other Vietnamese makers.

Starbuck has their power nguồn in global system & experience. Yet, I believe Trung Nguyen have their advantages in local market. Mr. Vu said his company has strength in developing from the beginning (growing) to the over (selling product) of the value chain. & reasonable price is also on Vietnamese companies.

Chaiman Vu of Trung Nguyen argued in an article on reuters.com: “They are not selling coffee; they are selling coffee-flavored water with sugar in it.” People may criticize this is a kind of marketing or PR, but I love the bold idea of the man. At least, he dared to say straightforwardly to a giant rival.

I myself lượt thích both coffees: instant Starbuck, và Vietnamese coffee that Trung Nguyen is typical and brightest representative.

So I vote one for Trung Nguyen coffee, really hope they can compete well on our trang chủ market.

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