unit 10 nature in danger

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I. Combine each pair of sentences using a relative pronoun or relative adverb.

  1. She is the most intelligent woman. I’ve ever met this woman. _____________________________________________________________________

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  2. This doctor is famous. You visited him yesterday. _____________________________________________________________________

  3. These children are orphans. She is taking care of these children. _____________________________________________________________________

  4. The two young men are not good persons. You are acquainted with them. _____________________________________________________________________

  5. My father goes swimming everyday. You met him this morning. _____________________________________________________________________

  6. The man is my father. I respect this man most. _____________________________________________________________________

  7. The man is my father. I respect his opinion most. _____________________________________________________________________

  8. Mary and Margaret are twins. You met them yesterday. _____________________________________________________________________

  9. I’ll introduce you lớn the man. His tư vấn is necessary for your project. _____________________________________________________________________

  10. The middle-aged man is the director. My father is talking lớn him. _____________________________________________________________________

  11. The boy is my cousin. You make fun of him. _____________________________________________________________________

  12. The student is from china. He sits next lớn bầm. _____________________________________________________________________

  13. I thanked the woman. This woman had helped bầm. _____________________________________________________________________

  14. The professor is excellent. I am taking his course. _____________________________________________________________________

  15. Mr. Smith said he was too busy lớn speak lớn bầm. I had come lớn see him. _____________________________________________________________________

  16. I saw a lot of people and horses. They went lớn market. _____________________________________________________________________

  17. Tom has three sisters. All of them are married. _____________________________________________________________________

  18. I recently went back lớn Paris. It is still as beautiful as a pearl. _____________________________________________________________________

  19. I recently went back lớn Paris. I was born in Paris nearly 50 years ago. _____________________________________________________________________

  20. Do you know the music? It is being played on the radio. _____________________________________________________________________

  21. You didn’t tell us the reason. We have lớn cut down our daily expenses for that reason. _____________________________________________________________________

  22. The day was rainy. She left on that day. _____________________________________________________________________

  23. I’ve sent him two letters. He has received neither of them. _____________________________________________________________________

  24. That man is an artist. I don’t remember the man’s name. _____________________________________________________________________

  25. One of the elephants had only one tusk. We saw these elephants at the zoo. _____________________________________________________________________

  26. That siêu xe belongs lớn Dr. Clark. Its engine is very good. _____________________________________________________________________

  27. You sent bầm a present. Thank you very much for it. _____________________________________________________________________

  28. This is Mrs. Jones. Her son won the championship last year. _____________________________________________________________________

  29. Rod Lee has won an Oscar. I know his sister. _____________________________________________________________________

  30. Is this the style of hair? Your wife wants lớn have it. _____________________________________________________________________

  31. A man answered the phone. He said Tom was out. _____________________________________________________________________

  32. 7 is the time. My plane arrives then.


IV. Use Relative adverb lớn combine each pair of sentences below.

  1. This is the house. We often stay in this house in summer. _____________________________________________________________________

  2. I’ll show you the second hand bookshop. You can find valuable books in this cửa hàng. _____________________________________________________________________

  3. I have not decided the day. I’ll go lớn London on that day. _____________________________________________________________________

  4. He was born on the day. His father was away on that day. _____________________________________________________________________

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  5. The book is a telephone directory. We can look up telephone numbers in this book. _____________________________________________________________________

  6. Mrs. Brown rang Dr. Brown. He was going lớn carry out an urgent operation at that moment. _____________________________________________________________________

  7. The airport is the most modern one. We’re going lớn arrive at this airport. _____________________________________________________________________

  8. She doesn’t want lớn speak of the cause. She divorced her husband of this cause. _____________________________________________________________________

  9. The days were the saddest ones. I lived far from home page on those days. _____________________________________________________________________

  10. I never forget the park. We met each other for the first time at this park. _____________________________________________________________________ V. Change the adjective clauses lớn adjective phrases.

  11. Do you know the woman who is coming towards us? _____________________________________________________________________

  12. I come from a đô thị that is located in the southern part of the country. _____________________________________________________________________

  13. The children who attend that school receive a good education. _____________________________________________________________________

  14. The fence which surrounds our house is made of wood. _____________________________________________________________________

  15. Be sure lớn follow the instructions that are given at the top of the page. _____________________________________________________________________

  16. They live in the house that was built in 1890. _____________________________________________________________________

  17. The papers that are on the table belong lớn Patrica. _____________________________________________________________________

  18. The man who is talking lớn the policeman is my uncle. _____________________________________________________________________

  19. The number of students who have been counted is quite high. _____________________________________________________________________

  20. George is the man who was chosen lớn represent the committee at the convention. _____________________________________________________________________ VI. Replace the underlined clauses by an infinitive or infinitive phrase.

  21. I don’t lượt thích him playing in the street. I wish we had a garden that he could play in. _____________________________________________________________________

  22. He simply loves parties. He is always the first who comes and the last who leaves. _____________________________________________________________________

  23. The last person who leaves the room must turn off the lights. _____________________________________________________________________

  24. The first man who was interviewed was entirely unsuitable. _____________________________________________________________________

  25. I’ve got a bottle of wine but I haven’t got anything that I could open it with _____________________________________________________________________.

VII. Rewrite these sentences using a relative clause in place of the infinitive or infinitive phrases.

  1. The floor is dusty but I haven’t got a brush lớn sweep it. (with) _____________________________________________________________________

  2. The pilot was the only man lớn survive in the crash. _____________________________________________________________________

  3. He was the second person lớn be killed in this way. _____________________________________________________________________

  4. I have just found a river lớn swim. (in) _____________________________________________________________________

  5. This is a sườn for you lớn fill. (in) _____________________________________________________________________ VIII. Reduce the following relative pronouns by using : V-ING, V-3/V-ED, or To-inf.

  6. We visited the people. They are homeless after the flood. _____________________________________________________________________

  7. I don’t lượt thích the films. They have unhappy ending. _____________________________________________________________________

  8. I know the man. His son broke your windows. _____________________________________________________________________

  9. The girl is very kind. Her parents work with bầm. _____________________________________________________________________

  10. The village has around 200 people. The majority of them are farmers. _____________________________________________________________________

  11. She hasn’t eat anything. This makes her parents worried. _____________________________________________________________________

  12. The student is from Trung Quốc. He sits next lớn bầm. _____________________________________________________________________

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  13. I thanked the woman. This woman had helped bầm. _____________________________________________________________________

  14. Mr. Pike is excellent. I am taking his course. _____________________________________________________________________

  15. Shakespeare wrote plays. People have enjoyed them for four centuries. _____________________________________________________________________